RespiPro VK

The RespiPro half mask meets the protective level N95 according to EN 149:2009 and includes nano fiber filter technology.


The combination of two unique features (1) the filtration efficiency for pathogens (2) and the ability to kill them makes RespiPro VK the ideal protective equipment against the coronavirus causing COVID-19 illness.


  • Nanofiber filter with 99.9% filtration efficiency for viruses and bacteria.
  • First respiratory protective equipment enriched with accelerated copper oxide.
  • Intercepts viruses and bacteria mechanically and it actively kills them as well.
  • Can be worn repeatedly and for a longer time, 24 hours at maximum. Thanks to the deactivation of viruses there is no risk of their further reproduction in the filter.
  • Complies with the requirements for protective equipment for professional use of class FFP2 of standard EN 149.
  • The combination of nanofiber and copper oxide effectively protects you from the coronavirus.
  • “duck shape” ensures best face-fit and even offers high comfort with regard to its breathability at the same time.
  • Offers better conditions for its wearer while speaking.
  • Accelerated copper oxide gives the nanofiber respirator a natural skin-like color so when a person wears it in the street, it will create rather a civilian than a medical look.

Detailed explaination of the different classifications can be found here.